“Home is where love resides and memories are created. It’s not just a place, it’s a feeling!”

What would you say about staying home away from home? Feeling home away from home?

For some time now, I really enjoy renting home during my trips. It makes me feel more local and makes my stay more special. Also, since I know that 70% of all properties listed on Booking are homes or apartments, I’m thinking about renting mine on Booking and earn some extra money in exchange that would allow me  to travel again!

List your apartment or home here!

Here are 3 facts why homes and apartments may be worth considering:


It’s definitely more pleasant to stay in a renting home. First, it’s not a simple room lost in the middle of other ones: rent an apartment it is instead have space to live, enjoy several rooms between which we can move. It is also afford the opportunity to cook (even if I love going out for diner). More important, when you are on vacation with your family, renting makes it possible to really spend holidays together, under the same roof, without being scattered in rooms. 


By privileging a home or an apartment for your holidays, you escape to the station hall atmosphere that could be feel in some hotels, in which dozens of people come and go all day long. This allows you to have real moments of intimacy and relaxation during your stay at any time. This is the real luxury, right?


Making the choice of a home or an apartment, guarantees more humane relationships with the owners. They know the city and can advice they favorite restaurants, nice places where to go out and visit. I’ve discovered that way some hidden and precious places usually unknown by the tourists, and this is what I love the most! They are the best travel guide you could find!

I guess you’re now feel convinced not only to rent a home for your next trip, but also to rent yours on Booking, and make a little extra money to travel too. Am I wrong?

And if never you’d  still prefer to stay at the hotel for your next vacation, here are a special discout for you! $30 off on your next reservation!


See you home!

Ana xx

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