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There is the sun who cuts the lace of the moucharabieh, the fragrance which flies in the spices souk, the babouches and their leather-scented, the sweet and flavored menthe tea, the Orient’s delight and their endless variety of flavor, the vapor clouds in the purifying hammam, the muezzin’s chant from the top of the minaret, the inconspicuous calm of the riads hidden behind insignificant walls, or even the screams and hits resounding from an anonymous windows …

There is also the kindness of Moroccan people. Their hospitality and helpfulness.

There is this city with two faces, this city with a troubling contrast under a motionless sky.

There is Marrakech and their thousands of feeling and impressions.

Ana Xx


La Sultana Hotel Signature.

Amanjena Resort.

Le riad Jardin Secret.

Le jardin Majorelle.

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